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Mads Mikkelsen CCSA2 by Gage Skidmore
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Hannibal Closer to Revival as Amazon Cuts Major Deal to Acquire its Rights Holder MGM.

Part 1 of a series examining TV viewer ratings

Prodigal Son aired on Fox through 5–18–2021
15 May 2021 at 8:46 PM Eastern Time, 45 Min into 60-min Tweetstorm2. The final tally for this tag during the 8–9 PM planned event was more than 15,500

Fans of 3 Other Shows Who’ve Come to Love Prodigal Son, too, Tweetstorm Pleas to Save It

Prodigal Son is currently airing on Fox Tuesdays at 9 PM ET

The FoxTV series Prodigal Son with Lou Diamond Phillips could become the 2nd one of his shows to be picked up back-to-back by Netflix after both were cut by the networks.

Lou Diamond Phillips is currently playing Lt. Gil Arroyo in the FoxTV series Prodigal Son, a thriller drama about a serial killer’s son, a crime-fighting profiler.
Brian Howe, former Bad Company Frontman gets the audience involved in the rock show (Baghdad, 2010, entertaining U.S. Troops)
Rocker Brian Howe gets the crowd involved in a song while performing for U.S. troops in Baghdad (March 2010)

A journalist’s look back at the late Brian Howe, Bad Company’s gold and platinum “Unicorn,” on the first anniversary of his death.

B. Roxy Rogers

Nomadic #journalist, fiction author, & TEFL. Passions: Europe, 80s EBM/industrial music, arthouse films, dance. ebooks at Amazon.com/Roxy-Rogers/e/B006CA1ZQU

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