JUST IN: Alex Jones Fines Top $1.5B

After Being Ordered to Pay $1 Billion in Damages to Sandy Hook Families, Jones is Fined Another $473M by Second Judge

B. Roxy Rogers
4 min readOct 12, 2022


Alex Jones has been ordered to Pay an additional $473 Million in Sandy Hook lies retribution cases, and he now owes Sandy Hook victims’ parents almost $1.5 Billion in apology for the havoc he has wreaked on them and their families already devastated by the murder of Sandy Hook school children. Parents and families were stalked and harassed for years by Jones’ gullible followers.

Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis told Jones on Thursday 11–10–2022,

“This depravity, and cruel, persistent course of conduct by the defendants establishes the highest degree of responsibility and blameworthiness.”

The Conspiracy Theory Pusher-at-Large Says He Can’t Pay

Jones reportedly says that he can’t possibly pay so much and calls it a “joke.” [Rolling Stone reporting]

In response, one needs to ask, “Project much, Alex?”

Previously, in a landmark move, a civil judge ordered Alex Jones to pay $1 Billion in reparations, for lying about the Sandy Hook mass shooting to his followers, which incited stalking and harassment against families of the Sandy Hook school children who were massacred by domestic terrorism when a young white male with a semi-automatic and other guns opened fire at the school killing 20 children.

This is the first time a defamation award has resulted in a monetary penalty of this size. It is likely to set a huge precedent for civil cases going forward.

Jones Broadcasts Vicious Lies, Inciting Defamation & Violence

Jones caused serious psychological and emotional pain and incited others to stalk, abuse, harass and threaten parents and the families who lost their children to violent murder at the Sandy Hook mass shooting in Connecticut. Jones began several years ago, with a litany of defamation, telling his millions of followers that Sandy Hook mass shooting had never occurred, that it was all a hoax, and that the parents of the 20 children murdered were making all of it up.



B. Roxy Rogers