Prodigal Son Fans Get Help From Crossover Fans of Lucifer, Hannibal, & Supernatural as #SaveProdigalSon Trends

Could this be the boost the Prodigal Son series needs to get picked up by Netflix or HBO?

Prodigal Son airs on Fox Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern

Crossover fans of Lucifer, Hannibal, and Supernatural who also love Prodigal Son, the thriller series about the crime-fighting, profiling son (Tom Payne) of a serial killer called The Surgeon (Michael Sheen), which was just canceled by Fox after 2 seasons, are jumping into the fray to help save the show.

Nothing if not passionate, fans of Prodigal Son were as gutted as its cast to hear the news of the cancellation — and they are having none of it.

Thursday, 5/13/21 on Twitter #ProdigalSon and #SaveProdigalSon hashtags trend in the early hours of the morning as people are preparing for — or driving to — work.

It’s Thursday, May 13, and an evening Tweetstorm Party on Twitter, an event not scheduled to launch until 9:00 PM ET that night, kicks itself off early in the wee hours of the morning with both of the hashtags #ProdigalSon and #SaveProdigalSon trending on Twitter prior to 9:00 AM ET, more than 12 hours ahead of the intended tweetstorm. A surprising amount of action to be happening on the platform for a non-weekend, and a time when fans are getting ready for work or are already on their way.

Similarly, back in 2018, fans of Lucifer raged against Fox on social media after the network terminated the series at the close of season 3. They did so loudly enough that Netflix saved it, setting it on a path to seasons 4 and 5 on the streaming platform. It was then unknown whether they would continue after season 5, but Netflix recently announced a “final” Season 6 of Lucifer is happening to the delight of fans, many of whom have also come to love Hannibal, and most recently, Prodigal Son.

Fans of the Hannibal series, along with writer and showrunner Bryan Fuller, have been hoping Netflix would announce the pickup of the Hannibal series for at least a season 4 now that Hannibal, which is streaming on Netflix, has received renewed attention and additional fans. The Hannibal fandom is large and diverse and is known for its loyalty to Fuller, the series and the actors, particularly to Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, whose implied romance as characters Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham continues to inspire an explosion of extended-universe fanfiction.

No word yet though from Netflix or Fuller whether a deal might be on the horizon, even though the additional interest sparked talks behind the scenes, and despite that the entire cast has expressed a real desire to return to the series regardless of the several years that have passed.

Prodigal Son fans are similarly passionate and there’s hope that HBO or Netflix might order the season 3 that its fans are so anxious to see. HBO Max is now streaming Prodigal Son so it might be a natural fit for them to order a season 3. However, there’s a significant international following of Prodigal Son and that could influence the more international-leaning Netflix to pick up the series.

Supernatural beat all the odds several times, saved by rallying fans as the show’s network changed, morphed, and remade itself over the course of a more than 15-year run, making it the longest CW network runner thus far and the longest-running sci-fi series in the United States.

The efforts of both Prodigal Son fans and its cast are notable, with illustrator Yvonne Phillips joining with husband Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays Lt. Gil Arroyo on the Prodigal Son series — along with Lou’s longtime fans (known as the friends of Lou Diamond, or #theFOLD) — in spearheading the fight for the show on social media. How effective the social media campaign becomes in saving the show for pickup by HBO or Netflix remains to be seen, but it’s rare that fans of three other series join the fans of another in Tweetstorming for a show that they’ve all come to love.

The Fans of Prodigal Son and Hannibal, with support from the now-closed 15-season-running Supernatural series, now campaign with the reenergized fans of Lucifer to follow in the latter show’s footsteps and leap to a streaming platform for a longer run, wholly intent on seeing more of the heart-stopping and heart-wrenching rollercoaster rides of horror-romance that made all the shows beloved among their fans.

B. Roxy Rogers is a journalist, fiction author, TEFL educator, and digital nomad.

Her latest writing projects are STRANGER THAN FICTION: A biopic of Brian Howe’s era with Bad Company (nonfiction) and REDEEMING ROCHEFORT (fiction) an alternate-history/paranormal/fantasy romance. Both books are forthcoming from Green Lady Publishing. When not writing or quarantining, her passions are focused on Europe, 80s EBM/industrial music, arthouse films, and dance.




Nomad, Journalist, SF/F/Rom Author, TEFL, Fannibal. Passions: Europe, 80s, EBM/Synth, arthouse film. Amazon Page or Tweet at RoxyWrites

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B. Roxy Rogers

B. Roxy Rogers

Nomad, Journalist, SF/F/Rom Author, TEFL, Fannibal. Passions: Europe, 80s, EBM/Synth, arthouse film. Amazon Page or Tweet at RoxyWrites

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