Superstar Keanu Reeves Drowned in Social Media Lovefest

Reeves Gets Big Publicity Bump as Social Media Fans Rain Love on Actor After TV Sitcom’s Perry Takes Potshots

B. Roxy Rogers
4 min readOct 27, 2022


You can imagine the backlash that hit the social media oceans this week as TV actor Matthew Perry, whose biggest claim to fame is an old sitcom, Friends, took aim at superstar Keanu Reeves.

A Mural of Keanu Reeves in Chile. Photo courtesy of CARLOS TEIXIDOR CADENAS — CCBYSA4

Keanu Reeves is generally known for being one of the kindest, most genuine human beings, and actors, on this planet. He’s known for being incredibly kind to his fans whether talking to them on the street or signing autographs. He often rides the subway rather than being driven in limos despite having plenty of money to do so. He dates women in his age group — now that’s something unheard of in Hollywood for a white male!

But Who the Heck is Perry Anyway?

I honestly had to look this actor up. I’m in the same age group as Perry and Reeves, yet I did not realize Perry held one of the main role on Friends, the long-running TV Sitcom some may remember from the 90s.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

I watched the sitcom but wasn’t aware of any of the actors’ names except for Jennifer Anniston. Back at the time when that sitcom was hugely popular, superstars of Hollywood film did not crossover to TV as they sometimes do now, even though TV stars — if they were very, very good — like George Clooney — did move from TV shows over to Hollywood film, and sometimes made it on the big screen.

Perry was never among that set.

Vitriol — Backlash — Magnifique

Perry said in his upcoming book —and thank you, I’ll pass — that he wondered why:

“…’talented actors and ‘original thinkers’ like River Phoenix and Chris Farley had tragic deaths” . . .

but Reeves was still alive.



B. Roxy Rogers